Confused?? this fellow is!!!

Confused?? this fellow is!!! 195782089

geek_b.j.nichols, Jan 2, 4:56 pm

Hmmmmwonder how well he did at uni. Lol

geek_b.j.nichols, Jan 2, 4:57 pm


geek_browsing, Jan 2, 5:03 pm

Doesn't know about computers there for must be an idiot eh?

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jan 2, 5:09 pm

Dont need to know about computers to know the brand name,...poster is not talking about the 0gb thing..he is talking about the fact that the seller doesnt know if his laptop is acer or compaq (HINT:CHECK THE AUCTION TITLE)

geek_joyaadnan, Jan 2, 5:12 pm

Arh gotcha if you list a laptop acer is the first brand that comes up in the sorting thing. How he got travel mate on the other hand....

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jan 2, 5:14 pm

Someone should ask a question. lol

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 5:18 pm

I think he is also selling...a Holden Ford Falcon. Lol

geek_b.j.nichols, Jan 2, 5:20 pm

Lol! BTW I think the fellow might be a female? .

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 5:22 pm

More like a subaru Falcon lol .

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 5:22 pm

They answered the question? It's an acer travelmate. Next question, why the hell are you using an off-the-web photo of a Compaq presario then?

geek_little_egypt, Jan 2, 7:59 pm

They did answer the next question and now I'm confused LOL

geek_browsing, Jan 3, 1:12 am

Lol here's the pic on google 1st pic even

geek_browsing, Jan 3, 1:18 am

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