Cleaning out a friends PC...

Cleaning out a friends PCI have run ccleaner, and the ccleaners registry check. (I backed up just to be sure) I closed all his progrmas at startup. I downloaded malwarebytes and removed two trojans. Anything else you guys would reccomend??? i am going to do a defrag tonight so should I use the windows one or is there a better one, such as defraggler?

geek_d_family, Jan 2, 4:42 pm

Seem to me you haven't done the first and obvious step and that is to run a full antivvirus scan using a decent antivirus program such as Norton or AVG. ccleaner and malwarebytes are not antivirus programs. Malwarebytes looks for spyware, keyloggers or anything else which may compromise the security of your computer. Ccleaner cleans out the rubbish files which may make your computer run slow or even crash.

geek_oldman, Jan 2, 4:49 pm

I updated and ran norton first sorry I forgot to mention.

geek_d_family, Jan 2, 6:47 pm

Norton?? If you're aiming to improve the computer you should remove Norton's and install something else (avast, etc).

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 6:48 pm

Lol yeh Dunedin_ree .

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 6:49 pm

Install AVG, Ccleaner, Malwarebytes. Also run a scan on the HD. (right click on HD-properties-Tools-error checking) and tick both box's. Restart PC and let it go through the 5 stages for the check. Then do Updates.

geek_swivel, Jan 2, 6:52 pm

Well I would but they have paid for norton and have 150 days left. so are unwilling to change.

geek_d_family, Jan 2, 6:52 pm

Most likely it will slow down their computer. Best you explain that to them before they refuse to install a better, free, anti-virus.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 6:54 pm

tried that and showed them site etc but to no avail

geek_d_family, Jan 2, 6:55 pm

You could always install a avast or other stop nor ton, use the free one to scan, get rid of viruses and stuff then get rid of it or leave it and they would never

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 6:56 pm

Lol laj3 I might do that

geek_d_family, Jan 2, 6:57 pm

Pity they bought norton its rubbish.........guaranteed to slow down a puter and it's not good at finding viruses couldn't PAY me to install it on one of my computers

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 7:08 pm

Proof in your first post where you say: "I downloaded malwarebytes and removed two trojans", if norton was doing it's job they wouldn't have been there eh !

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 7:10 pm

If you weren't doing the cleanup, presumebaly for free........they'd have to pay a tech to do it for other words they'd be throwing good money after bad......tell em to cut their losses and dump that rubbish

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 7:12 pm

Would they know you turned norton off? .

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 7:21 pm

Rename malwarebytes program to Norton then put it up for sale on a website! Lots of people would buy it! Hmmm...thinking of a plan...

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 7:26 pm

The only problem is. is that norton would actualy get rid of something that way.

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 7:27 pm

Agree with post 4 if you want to help a friend get rid of Nortons, when you uninstall it google "norton uninstall tool" download and install the one for your version of nortons, this gets rid of all the grap nortons leaves behind. I had Norton 2008 given to me,, I am using it as a coffee coaster.

geek_pcfix4u, Jan 2, 7:49 pm

Well i was at a friends house and was using their comp and saw they had Norton 08 but didn't want to say anything so just laughed to myself.

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 8:06 pm

is in NO position to be touching anybody Else's PC with ten foot pole. PMSL @ Norton. Even idiot's know it's useless.

geek_pixma, Jan 2, 8:36 pm

Dont be a ars lol as he knew to get rid of it but the owners of the comp wouldnt let him.

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 8:38 pm

should there by know enough to explain to the owners why Norton NEEDS to be removed. If it was me and the owners would not let me remove it, I'd tell them to stick it. Some people should not own computers,,,

geek_pixma, Jan 2, 8:40 pm

See .

geek_pixma, Jan 2, 8:41 pm

Oh dix you are so prophetic as usual.

geek_tptrader, Jan 2, 8:42 pm

Ohh sorry Let's just take the complete moron's point of view and leave Norton on there, as they paid for it, so it must be good. If you don't know what you're talking about, zip-it.

geek_pixma, Jan 2, 8:44 pm

Defragmenting is the first thing I do usually with defraggler these days. That way if the harddrive was suffering performance loss from fragmentation, scanning with various software is quicker.

geek_cybertao, Jan 2, 8:53 pm

I'd do a second scan from a different source. Trend Micro does a thing called Housecall. Download and scan. Next I'd go through the installed programs, and go through them one-by-one with the owners and it they never use it, then de-install. Check what RAM they have - it's cheap, so maybe some extra would help. Then defrag, when it's all cleaned up.

geek_fishb8, Jan 2, 9:32 pm

Defrag won't do jack shite to get rid of a viruswaste of time.

Norton's = how to slow down and mess up ur PC

geek_art4ukiwi, Jan 2, 9:40 pm

Who said degragmenting gets rid of viruses? .

geek_cybertao, Jan 2, 10:16 pm

He didn't know that a week or so ago, until he asked here. , only works if you do an offline defrag (i.e. not within windows) Trying to defrag whilst riddled with viruses/malware is next to impossible. Here's my order of cleanup: CCleaner (temp removal & registry clean, as many passes as needed), then offline: defrag, av/malware, then various hardware scans. Back online, sift through all installed applications for necessity, filter through startup list, ccleaner again & finally, smart placement defrag (Perfectdisk) for good measure.

geek_lostdude, Jan 2, 11:34 pm