x-net, worth changing over too? Or stay away..

X-net, worth changing over too? Or stay away.. Been thinking about changing over.. I think they have some of the better plans around. Im currently on Telstra but the plan Im currently on sux.. I was going to move over earlier on, but then there was a lot of people in here complaining about X-net's service.. Have they improved any? Should I look at changing, or stay well away? Any thoughts appreciated..

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 6:08 pm

What Telstra plan are service are u on

geek_fallen1, Jan 2, 6:11 pm

PDQ Turbo 10GB plan.. $48 per month.. Go over and regardless it bumps up another $12.. So often its $60 per month..

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 6:21 pm

Hmmm I'm with Xnet - was having some major issues cause I was on the torrent plan. So switched back to the normal plan and I'm happy - FOR NOW. Only cause my $50 credits are kicking in LOL

geek_krissie_baby, Jan 2, 6:25 pm

Torrent plan.. seems a funny name.. is it aimed at people that use torrents a lot? Werent X-net jumping on people that downloaded stuff not considered to be, ahhh, lets say, naughty?

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 6:33 pm

Downloaded stuff not considered to be, ahhh, lets axe the "not"

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 6:35 pm

YUP the torrent plan was exactly for torrenting - was supposed to help with congestion I think. However, that didn't work out so well LOL

geek_krissie_baby, Jan 2, 6:36 pm

No way over 120 pages of complaints here. Stay well clear if you want any speed /www.gpforums.co.nz/forum/8156/?s=

geek_willz29, Jan 2, 7:22 pm

Sorry here's the direct link www.gpforums.co.nz/thread/310490/?s=

geek_willz29, Jan 2, 7:22 pm

My speeds have increased over the past week(xnet). Not really so much the speed, but less latency and faster response. Having said that, my mum has used clear for almost 10 years, I've found their service to be exceptional, on average.

geek_cybertao, Jan 2, 7:25 pm

Give xnet a miss International bandwidth is terrible, I barely get more than 9mbps any time of the day.. eg http://www.speedtest.net/result/382572675.png

geek_little_egypt, Jan 2, 7:38 pm

So glad still on the 256mps plan works for me and $7 cheaper shame you cant get that plan anymore but still get the same speed...lol

geek_snowdog2006, Jan 2, 7:57 pm

Hmmm, shame, it sounds like x-nets a no goerTelstras service is great, but I dont think my current plan is not value for money compared to some of the other plans around. I think Telstra's one of the dearest.. Time to start looking for another ISP I guess.. Any suggestions..

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 8:04 pm

Yeah, clear is a bit more expensive. But they provide good service. If you go with someone cheaper, be prepared to accept less than what you are used to. You get what you pay for.

geek_cybertao, Jan 2, 8:06 pm

Cheers for that cybertao maybe pay to stick with wht I got for a while.. Ok will do that and watch out for X-net to sort their shite out.. I like their river plan ( I think it is) But dont need the hassles so will wait.. cheers for the advice every one.. Really appreciated.. thank you.

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 8:15 pm

ia incorrect I switched to XNET a year ago and it rocks for meonly had to call them once and it turned out to be MY fault. no biggie works just fine for me here in ChCh

geek_art4ukiwi, Jan 2, 9:53 pm

RUNNNNXnet are utter crap. After 12am the international speeds drop down to a crawl, a slow crawl.

geek_osymandias, Jan 2, 11:14 pm

xnet is better then it was, but its still not good.

I did get a http download at about 200kB/sec at mums during peak times a couple of weeks back. Hardly fast but a massive improvement on the 35-40kB/sec before. Youtube and vimeo would also play without paucing it and making a drink while it buffered.

geek_richms, Jan 2, 11:15 pm

Basically, even if it gets sorted, their crap handling of the problem is enough to put me off ever recommending them again, basically they said there was not enough bandwidht, there was no plans to buy more, its not a guarnteed service.

geek_richms, Jan 2, 11:16 pm

C'mon people You pay very little, get a large data allowance and still have the audacity to complain?

geek_comsolve, Jan 3, 12:28 am

When a company calls their product high speed internet, and it cant even play youtube and then turn around and say that its not going to get fixed, yes, thats a problem.

geek_richms, Jan 3, 12:57 am

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