Has my pc committed sucide?

Has my pc committed sucide? I turned it off when the monitor got frozen and no response from mouse or keyboard. When I turned it on again, the red Hard Drive light turned on for about 10 seconds, then nothing happened: no display on monitor. When I opened the box, everything seemed ok: all fans were working. I use Winxp.

geek_wyseman, Jan 2, 6:35 pm

Umm try turning it on again, i dont know. srry cant help

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 7:23 pm

Nothing on monitor at *any* stage? no BIOS text or *anything*?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 7:28 pm

...a loosened power cable...oh yeah.

geek_olack, Jan 2, 7:33 pm

Same as post 3 ??? have you got a spare monitor??

geek_pcfix4u, Jan 2, 7:39 pm

I see the problem he is a "Wyse man". Those monitors are *so* old - surprised it worked this long!

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 7:43 pm

I'd replace the BIOS battery round silver thingy on the motherboard. Fixed my buddies PC like thatit was dead as a door nail. new batterypresto....

geek_art4ukiwi, Jan 2, 9:59 pm

Nothing on the monitor at any stage. No BIOS text. For a healthy start in the past, it usually starts with 'dood' sound in the beginning. It's not there anymore. Possibly the mother board or cpu has died?

geek_wyseman, Jan 3, 11:08 pm

RE # 7, I thought the battery is only for keeping the computer time. The pc should work normally with a dead battery.

geek_wyseman, Jan 3, 11:11 pm

Did it hang itself in the wardrobe? Can't really blame it,old stuff like
that should be allowed to pass
peacefully into Cyberspace.I had a cat that did that.

geek_deodar, Jan 3, 11:19 pm