This is soooo stupid

This is soooo stupid Ages ago when we first got the desk top it came with a cheap give away game pack consisting of a golf. flight simulator and AOM games. The first two games dont need cd keys but age of mythology does but i dont have a cd key to use it. lol. when we first got it the person what installed the comp installed the games but i uninstalled them when they were no longer used. STINK

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 6:32 pm

NO COMENTS ???????

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 8:03 pm

Nobecause I have no earthly idea what the point of your story is.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 8:05 pm

That the stupid hp forgot to give the cd key but yeah just annoying is all.

geek_laj3, Jan 2, 8:07 pm

Google cd key link below

geek_sibo, Jan 2, 8:17 pm

Well that was Stupid All Right Should've known from the thread title
I suppose.Hard to top that one,..But
we're working on it.

geek_deodar, Jan 2, 9:11 pm

Don't mind them laj3 They don't have lives. You're venting because you're annoyed about removing the game and not being able to put it back on. There are stes that provide keys, as above - Google the name of the game and "key" or something like that.

geek_bit, Jan 2, 10:16 pm

& who uninstalled them ? & why?That WAS Stupid wasn't it?

geek_deodar, Jan 3, 12:23 am

They were installed when the computer came and a person installed it for us this was be for i knew anything about computer.

geek_laj3, Jan 3, 9:55 am

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