How do I remove a homepage??

gin9, Jan 2, 5:47am
How do I remove a homepage?? My daughter went onto Barbie and has made this our homepage so whenever we go onto the internet we get "WELCOME TO BARBIE" can anyone please tell me how I can remove this homepage setting. Thanks in advance..

laj3, Jan 2, 5:51am
Go to the internet then go tools, options, then change the home page to what ever you want.

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 5:51am
In internet explorer it's in tools - options (or internet options, I forget the exact wording).

laj3, Jan 2, 5:51am
LOL beat you. dunedin_ree

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 5:57am
Well done! a gold star for you.

laj3, Jan 2, 6:01am
Thx Ill put it on my wall. lol

ctnz, Jan 2, 6:33am
Could have been worse One of the guys at work rang me in a blind panic about changing the "homepage" before his wife got home.

gin9, Jan 3, 3:22am
Thanks heaps!! I didn't really fancy having the Barbie website as my homepage...

d.snell, Jan 3, 4:08am
Lol That's the long way of doing it. Open I.E. and navigate to the page you want to use as your home page. Press Alt-M then C U Y and presto.. It's done :-)

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