How to find out what Ram fitted

snowdog2006, Jan 2, 6:58am
How to find out what Ram fitted Is there a way via system tools to find out what typee RAM a PC is fitted talking XP here. Short of opening the box!

0800xford, Jan 2, 6:59am scan or get cpuz or siw etc

snowdog2006, Jan 2, 8:07pm
Cheers that worked thanks

pcgeek, Jan 2, 8:30pm
you will need to know the motherboard model as well so as to work out the limitations of what RAM amount it is capable of holding.

intrade, Jan 2, 8:57pm
Everest home

snowdog2006, Jan 3, 2:48am
Thanks again anyways Done and dusted only needed to know the current RAM stick in the PC everything else I know.

gibler, Jan 3, 2:50am
SIW for the win ..

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