PC running really slow

cantab1971, Jan 2, 6:47am
PC running really slow hi there. would anyone be kind enough to recommend a software package that would fix a very slow running PC? the PC has definetly slowed down over time and needs a good clean up. it used to run faster! I notice "PC Pitstop Optimize" on the net that claims to find lots of problems it can fix...anyone used it?
The PC is only a celeron 2.66ghz with 480meg of Ram runnig Wondows XP service pack 2, but it should still be heaps faster...it takes 10 seconds just to respond to a click in file explorer, or open control panel for example. any advice much appreciated (not skilled enough to fix it manually, just want a tool that will do it) ta!

0800xford, Jan 2, 6:49am
between 'ccleaner' and 'blackviper.com' and an extra stick of ram! you should be mostly there.

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 6:50am
1. anti-virus if running nortons, remove and install avast/avg etc. Update and scan. 2. Download malwarebytes, instal, update and scan. 3.Uninstall any unwanted apps. 4. ensure you have no un-needed apps starting at startup. 5. Defrag.

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 6:51am
Oops ccleaner should come before the last step.

pcfix4u, Jan 2, 6:53am
What security are you using??? have you scanned the PC for infections??? How much space is left on the hard drive.??? Disable all programs that load up at startup but not security. Ccleaner is a cool tune up tool its free, just google it.

cantab1971, Jan 2, 7:14am
Thanks all (and thanks in advance for any other replies) crikey dick..i didn't expect such speedy and helpdul responses. off to try those bits and pieces now. happy new year and keep your powder dry.

r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 7:16am
Powder? there's a war coming? Should I buy a gun? Oh, you mean the war between Linux and Windows? I think that is next year.

pixma, Jan 2, 7:53am
90% vs less than 1%! I'm sure MS are shaking in their boots!

art4ukiwi, Jan 2, 8:50am
With CCleanerdon't forget to use their tools and then click the start up delete EVERYTHING except the virus checker.

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