wireless broadband range

nanasharon, Jan 2, 7:51am
Wireless broadband range I have changed to a wireless modem so that my daughter can use her laptop in her room.Yesterday she went out to the garage with it to see if she can use it in her hobby room.But she was unable to use bluetooth out there.What would she need to pick up the wireless modem's signal.

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 7:54am
Well for a start she should use wifi, and not bluetooth. How far is the garage? Brick/timber walls?

drcspy, Jan 2, 8:00am
Bluetooth and wireless are two totally different things......what are you trying to tell us or do ?

laj3, Jan 2, 8:01am
The ragr of the WIFI is dependent on the router .

fishb8, Jan 2, 8:24am
My laptop has bluetooth but it's only for my mouse My Belkin modem/router can be picked up from the bottom of my garden (modem upstairs)as well as my separate garage.

nanasharon, Jan 2, 9:09am
Its a thompson modem/router and the garage and house are both wooden with hardiplank cladding.The garage is seperate to the house to the rear at the side. I think she has wifi on the laptop.

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 9:15am
How far away is the house from the router?

cybertao, Jan 2, 9:18am
Can you move the modem to somewhere more central, between the garage and bedroom?

richms, Jan 2, 9:20am
Thats the nature of wifi - crap coverage despite what the ad from telecom wants you to believe.

If the router can take external antennas, then one of those pointing to the garage will help. Otherwise just run a cable to the other side of the house and put another accesspoint there to cover that area. It takes 3 to get coverage over my place and its quite a small place. I guess those people with a mcmansion have to have 10 or so in them ;)

nanasharon, Jan 2, 9:47am
Will have to check about an external antenna, running a cable from the router would be a mission as its hard to get right under the house.I was thinking of getting a uhf aerial for the tv so could possibly do it that way.I cant move the router from where it is as connected via ethernet cable to my desktop. thanks for the advise so far.

cybertao, Jan 2, 9:54am
I've always wanted to try one of these. http://binarywolf.com/249/diy-parabolic-reflector.htm it reflects the signal from one side of the aerial to make a stronger signal in the other direction.

lostdude, Jan 2, 10:00am
yup, they work but only on routers with external antennas. Good luck if you only have internal antennas. Made one for a relative almost 2 years ago now & it still works a treat.

swivel, Jan 2, 10:03am
If it's a thomson Then they don't have bluetooth. They are Wifi.

richms, Jan 2, 10:05am
Well a cable to the garage is always the best way. You could try a pair of powerline adapters to get ethernet to the shed but I found them very problematic and not exactly cheap either.

nanasharon, Jan 2, 6:58pm
The ex is a radio ham and electronic person. He has left some of the aerials and antennas he he had used at different times wonder if we can utilise one of them.

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