help!!!! changing the boot order

Help!!!! changing the boot order can any one help, i bought a 2nd laptop and have been advised to re install windows vista on it again. but cant change it to boot from the cd.

how do i do this?

geek_thekids1, Jan 2, 9:04 pm

When it boots their should be an option to enter the bios F1 or some other depending on make...
once in you can change boot sequence save changes and exit
remember to have the dvd in the drive when you reboot or laptop will scan empty drive and start from hard drive again ;-)

geek_sakkara, Jan 2, 9:07 pm

You need to go into the BIOS when you first turn it on, a screen pops up. It usually shows the brand name. It may also tell you what key you need to enter the BIOS, it's usually 'delete', but not always.

geek_cybertao, Jan 2, 9:07 pm

Why do you want to reinstall vista and do you have the correct cd for it and who advised you to do this ? and are you aware theres different types of install depending on the cd might do a 'repair install' or a full install and do you have a 'recovery cd' or just the windows cd and if that's wht you have then you'll need the drivers for trhe system as other words ....if you dont really know what you are doing DONT ........would you rebuild your car engine if you knew nothing whatsoever about it....

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 9:09 pm

Some would.It might not perform to optimum or look conventional but what the hell-Rebuild.

geek_deodar, Jan 2, 9:18 pm

I have gone into the biosBUT it wont let me change the order, says i need to contact system advisor.

was advised by a tech from asus.

maybe someone can help???
my laptop keeps restarting itself on start up, this only happens sometimes. when it does a blue screen comes up.

also there is drivers missing a Coprocessor and a SM bus controller.

please help

geek_thekids1, Jan 2, 9:35 pm

Then you must have a bios password i suggest you contact asus to get them to clear/reset it

geek_sakkara, Jan 2, 9:37 pm

I think that the person who owned it before me tried to re install windows, but stuffed it up.
as there is a partition on the laptop and the data drive has nothing on it.

geek_thekids1, Jan 2, 9:38 pm

Tried that, they not willing to help unless i send it to them to fix, and i have to pay for them to do it, as it is 2nd hand.

geek_thekids1, Jan 2, 9:40 pm

What is the boot order now ??

geek_sakkara, Jan 2, 9:41 pm

It is on the c: drive

geek_thekids1, Jan 2, 9:43 pm