Audio from MP4

ianalice1, Jan 2, 8:23am
Audio from MP4 Hi all. I have an Mp4 video that I would like to be able to record/save, sound only, as an mp3. Any ideas on how I can do this? Thanks, Ian.

pcfix4u, Jan 2, 8:31am
SUPER IS COOL AND FREE Download SUPER &9; setup file left hand side near bottom of web page.
Here's the link...

pcfix4u, Jan 2, 8:37am
Super is slow to open, but converts real good. You can convert Vidz and Music..You drag and drop your file into the bottom pane and select what you want to convert to at the top,,,,,, then click Encode active files.The converted files are found in C:\Program Files\erightSoft\super\output. ,, send output to your desktop.

traceedwards, Jan 2, 8:44am
Format Factory is good tis free also and pretty simple to use.

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