PERSPEX hey u guys, im putting a new pc together and want to put a window in, anyone know where i can get a sheet of perspex from?

geek_krayziemike001, Jan 2, 9:52 pm

Yep! I needed a piece 6 month's ago, just went to the local glass place, they cut it for the size I needed as well. It was about 1m X 1m and it was $14

geek_pixma, Jan 2, 9:54 pm

Cheers dude, u saved me alot of hassle:D

geek_krayziemike001, Jan 2, 9:57 pm

Be sure to post a pic when you're done the PC! :D

geek_pixma, Jan 2, 9:59 pm

Mitre10 Mega have sheets of perspex .

geek_gyrogearloose, Jan 2, 10:05 pm

Mitre10 was way expensive when I asked. I get mine at modern plastics in Auckland, but I am sure there are signage places that do sheet materials in Dunedin as well.

geek_richms, Jan 2, 10:09 pm

I just put a window in one of mine Got an offcut from glass place and cut it on a circular saw (Wood saw). I cut the hole out with a jig saw with a fine tooth blade. Put masking tape over the paintwork to protect it. Then filed the rough edge.

geek_bit, Jan 2, 10:12 pm

Jebus, 1m x 1m how big is your computer?!

geek_kane199, Jan 2, 11:42 pm

Woah $14 were you screwing the manager?

geek_seriouslycgi, Jan 3, 12:06 am

Umm. WTF does anyone want a window in a computer?

geek_richard112, Jan 3, 6:24 am

So they can run Windows! Doh!

geek_bit, Jan 3, 8:03 am

To see the pretty flashing light's? Personally, I think it's a soft thing to do, but some people like it.

geek_pixma, Jan 3, 8:03 am

12. Of course. Makes sense now Replaced the DVD writer & haven't got around to putting the side back on. All I can see are two fans & one green light that doesn't even flash. Boring Inferior Asus MB! Still if I had a perspex window I could get all sparky effects from the static electricity. Perspex is good for that.

geek_richard112, Jan 3, 8:41 am

Perspex was a mission to find a few years ago in wellington, I ended up paying $20 for an offcut somewhere in petone. $14 was a sweet deal, no glass places had it when we were looking

geek_woogmo, Jan 3, 8:51 am

Miller's Studio Anzac Ave.

geek_snookim, Jan 3, 9:45 am

.. agreed. Bit like putting blow-off valve on a Honda civic. re all word. There are many clear (and not so clear) plastics available. Perspex is quite rare. More common is Polycarbonate.

geek_gbbrot, Jan 3, 11:40 am

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