Hotmail Is it possible to attach a receipt of some sorts to an email message, so you are able to get a notification when the recipient has read it?

geek_badboy12345, Jan 2, 9:56 pm

Not that I can find, however, if you have MS outlook, and MS have not turned off the relevent servers, you can link hotmail to outlook, and attached read recipts through that.

geek_executor1, Jan 2, 10:33 pm

Does MSGTAG work with Hotmail?

geek_mizp, Jan 2, 10:42 pm

I use .. incredimail and that does it

geek_bingbong66, Jan 2, 11:07 pm

Thanks for those responses! Will try the outlook one!

geek_badboy12345, Jan 2, 11:07 pm ...

geek_soodanim, Jan 3, 11:28 am

.take a pic of the reciept upload to your computer and then attach it to your email

geek_matza4000, Jan 3, 1:59 pm