help for out look express6

harrislucinda, Jan 2, 9:52am
Help for out look express6 this afternoon it stopped recieving and sending email, what can i do to get it back working again, rang xtra he went thru accounts all seem to be ok

lostdude, Jan 2, 9:55am
Does it still work if you send/receive manually? I.e. When you click on the "Send/Receive" button, does it work?

harrislucinda, Jan 2, 10:01am
Noas i like to click on that to see how many emails I am getting that does not work now

r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 10:23am
Well, do you get an error message?

nehu, Jan 3, 11:54pm
Outlook Xpress6 Ring back telecom and get them to reset your settings for outlook xpress.I had the exact same problem and it was in the settings. Gd luck.

0800xford, Jan 4, 12:03am
OP"I have just had a problem with out- look 6 I am dumb, but xtra told me to go to tools, then accounts and take off a tick in a incoming mail working ok now if that helps you

pcfix4u, Jan 4, 12:11am
Better to help your self
xtra email setup with pictures

maverick65, Jan 4, 12:57am
I once had this problem with an older version of AVG free.. I know it was the AVG becuase when I got it to stop scanning the emails, outlook worked again then I enabled it again and outlook stopped working. They wre runnign fien then oen day just stopped beign compatible. I uninstalled AVG until the next version came out and then reinstalled and it's been fine since then.

deodar, Jan 4, 2:25am
Just use Xtramail,its faster & always works Create a shortcut once you're in &
you'll go straight to it.That after
all is the SERVER.a bonus is you will
never get email malware on the system
& the filters work for Spam.

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