reformatt vista

bingbong66, Jan 2, 10:11am
Reformatt vista i put lappy in to be reformatted and when i got it back some of the old files were still coming up in scans i thought all these files would be wiped :S help plzzzzzzz

r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 10:17am
Need more info what files? what scans?

bingbong66, Jan 2, 10:20am
mostly games.. avg scans..and windows defender scans i c them coming up at the bottom...and its 80 gig but when i got it back there was only 30 gig left on it :S

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 11:08am
More details needed You put it "in" to be reformatted? What does that mean? Did someone reinstall Windows for you?

deodar, Jan 2, 11:16am
Whats a lappy? A native of Lapland?Where all the Lap
Tops come from.?Or is it baby talk?
This is an Adult board (mostly)for
real grown ups.

fishb8, Jan 2, 3:34pm
Perhaps they just did a Repair on your lappy, not a clean re-install.

bingbong66, Jan 2, 10:43pm
Yes.. i asked the guy to do a clean install on the laptop...sorry took so long to get back to u i work night shift...god knows what hes done ...i didnt care if i lost everything....any ideas???

sakkara, Jan 2, 11:43pm
Do you have your own copy of the operating system on a cd or dvd ?

deodar, Jan 3, 1:03pm
Look up Michael Stevenstech Got all installs in clear style.

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