MSN?? HELP ME PLEASE!!! For some reason everytime i sign into msn i get a pop up window from "windows live today" and EVERYTIME that happens my msn stops responding and closes down on me????? can someone tell me why or possibly have any ideas for a solution...its REALLY annoying!!

geek_narnys, Jan 2, 11:11 pm

What webbrowser do you use? i never had a problem with firefox. as i never ever used internet exploder ever....

geek_intrade, Jan 2, 11:20 pm

Try signing in again and hopefully you will have enough time toclick "tools" at the top of the window, then click "options" in the next window that pops up, on the left hand side click "general" untick the box that says "show windows live today after i sign in" then click "ok" (bottom of window) it wont pop up again! and hopefully messenger does not close on you (there might be another prob if its closing though?)

geek_krazyjay, Jan 2, 11:21 pm

I did read that right yes? do you mean msn "messenger" or msn the website?

geek_krazyjay, Jan 2, 11:22 pm

I have no idea what webbrowser im using lol??? and thanx ill try that very soon

geek_narnys, Jan 2, 11:23 pm

yes msn messenger lol

geek_narnys, Jan 2, 11:25 pm

Myght be time you use firefox and make it the main browser

geek_intrade, Jan 2, 11:26 pm

And for a messenger you can use

geek_intrade, Jan 2, 11:28 pm

Thanx for your help...have tried your suggestion and so far so gud lol fingers crossed it stays that way

geek_narnys, Jan 2, 11:41 pm

Lol no probs always glad to help.

geek_krazyjay, Jan 2, 11:48 pm

You can turn off Windows Live Today from showing by in Messenger - Tools - Options - Sign in - untick Show Windows Live Today after I sign in to Messenger

geek_evoeater, Jan 3, 9:33 am

Woop never mind Didn't see post

geek_evoeater, Jan 3, 9:34 am

Lol who reads that thing anyway?

geek_pcmaster, Jan 3, 9:41 am

Intrade you idiot this has NOTHIGN to do with whatever browser they use........dont confuse the issue

geek_drcspy, Jan 3, 9:48 am

I think intrade functions on automatic, whilst on these boards. he always mentions browsers, or some flavour of linux no matter what the topic/question is!!

geek_pcmaster, Jan 3, 9:55 am

Lol i was wondering wat my browser had to do with it but anyway thanx iv managed to stop windows live from popping up and have had no trouble using messenger since!! wow lucky i checked on here first coz i was going to take my laptop in and pay someone to look at it first lol

geek_narnys, Jan 3, 9:19 pm