Could someone............

Could someone........please explain what this means?

geek_ottoitis, Jan 3, 12:13 am

You've asked this before can you not just explain what you're trying to do and type out the error message? Did you answer the questions asked in your other thread?

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 12:15 am

Above was.............wrong one. Suppose to be this:

Using Windows XP, windows media player.

geek_ottoitis, Jan 3, 12:17 am

It means you can't create a new folder! Perhaps you don't have permissions to create a new folder in that location, or the pathname is too long. In XP, pathnames are limited to 255 characters. So if you have a folder in a folder in a folder, and the names are so long the complete path is bigger than 255 characters you can't create it.

geek_cybertao, Jan 3, 12:18 am

Lol the error message kinda explains it well enough.

geek_lostdude, Jan 3, 12:18 am

The message is self-explanatory. Your WM library has an entry for a file it can't find, because the original has been deleted or moved. BTW, just type the error messages in here, that one isn't so long that it really requires a screenshot.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 12:19 am

This looks........better.

geek_ottoitis, Jan 3, 12:25 am

Starting from start..........a video is downloaded from youtube and audio is extracted from it and burned on to cd. Some of these videos have those messages. But there was a program which can(have forgotten which). Cut a long story short, is there a program that does 'it all'? Cheers.

geek_ottoitis, Jan 3, 12:34 am

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