Could someone............

ottoitis, Jan 2, 11:13am
Could someone........please explain what this means?

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 11:15am
You've asked this before can you not just explain what you're trying to do and type out the error message? Did you answer the questions asked in your other thread?

ottoitis, Jan 2, 11:17am
Above was.............wrong one. Suppose to be this:

Using Windows XP, windows media player.

cybertao, Jan 2, 11:18am
It means you can't create a new folder! Perhaps you don't have permissions to create a new folder in that location, or the pathname is too long. In XP, pathnames are limited to 255 characters. So if you have a folder in a folder in a folder, and the names are so long the complete path is bigger than 255 characters you can't create it.

lostdude, Jan 2, 11:18am
Lol the error message kinda explains it well enough.

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 11:19am
The message is self-explanatory. Your WM library has an entry for a file it can't find, because the original has been deleted or moved. BTW, just type the error messages in here, that one isn't so long that it really requires a screenshot.

ottoitis, Jan 2, 11:25am
This looks........better.

ottoitis, Jan 2, 11:34am
Starting from start..........a video is downloaded from youtube and audio is extracted from it and burned on to cd. Some of these videos have those messages. But there was a program which can(have forgotten which). Cut a long story short, is there a program that does 'it all'? Cheers.

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