D--Link dl-604up issue

fallen1, Jan 2, 7:51pm
D--Link dl-604up issue as some of u know i have been trying too set up a little ftp to shre files with others...now for some reason i cant seem to get it back the router i have noitced that when i 4forard my ports it lists my router ip and not my real ip.. any ideas?

flewy, Jan 2, 9:24pm
Thats what its sposed to do.

fallen1, Jan 2, 9:39pm
Lol well thats good then lol

flewy, Jan 2, 9:43pm
Are you using just the one Router or a wired and wireless?

fallen1, Jan 2, 10:43pm
Sorry about the slow reply .. my little girl run in too a window im using just the one router and no its not wirelesshowever i found a video on youtube about setting 1 up and it works woo hoo .. i just need to figger out how to add users and passwordsthanks for ya help

flewy, Jan 2, 11:07pm
All good, hope ya little one is OK.

fallen1, Jan 2, 11:08pm
Yep she is fine

hasbeana, Jan 2, 11:12pm
Tryed dmz? .

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