Uninstalling ZoneAlarm

75ta, Jan 2, 7:47pm
Uninstalling ZoneAlarm I have a PC running AVG and Zonealarm Pro and I am upgrading to other programs. After uninstalling Zonealarm some of the icons on the system tray have disappeared. Restetting them to show is OK until the computer is restarted. Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong? Cheers

sakkara, Jan 2, 8:54pm
What OS you running?

75ta, Jan 2, 9:02pm
Sorry XP sp3

sakkara, Jan 2, 10:30pm
Try going to start/run/
type msconfig
pick startup tab and place a tick in the boxes of the programs you want to start up on boot ;-)

75ta, Jan 2, 11:35pm
Thanks The programs are still ticked to startup. It is programs like volume control, Video card, Mouse control etc.

helpless, Jan 2, 11:48pm
You may need to hunt around a bit and find out what part of the Windows registry controls the startup of programs..Hkey_Local_Mmachine..Expand that and it's in there somewhere..Best you google."What controls program startup in the WinXP registry"..Its runonce or run..something in their may be set wrong..

helpless, Jan 3, 12:03am
So it'd be Star/Run..type regedit..push enter.Then go to HKLM,,Software,Microsoft,Windows,Current version,Run.You could delete the entries from there and then do a reboot and see if that fixes it..All care, but let the buyer beware.

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