Cheapest blank dvds?

kingpin, Jan 2, 8:08pm
Cheapest blank dvds? Where do you guys get your blank dvd's? I have a lot of stuff on my Macbook that I would like to back up. I'll be getting an(other) external hard drive but not right now. Also, should I go for + or -, or does it not matter? Price is the main issue, hopefully I will not need them on dvd for long before I transfer to a hard drive so quality (or lack thereof) isn't so much of a problem. Thanks, Wayne

pcmaster, Jan 2, 8:13pm
I use transonic ones from the warehouse mostly, they're relatively cheap to buy in bulk and do the job.

umegaoka, Jan 2, 8:15pm
Or you could use quality ones and store those as offsite backups. IMO worthwhile seeing as the difference won't be much relatively speaking. Your ext HDD wont be much use in a local disaster e.g. fire

pcmaster, Jan 2, 8:20pm
Whats an external hard drive? LOL *kidding* I'm gunna get/make one soon that's going to store backup images and largely be kept offsite in a (hopefully) secure locationit'd take about 20 or so DVDs just to back up my data.

kingpin, Jan 2, 8:42pm
ThanksAlso, dvd+r, -r, or doesnt matter?

pcmaster, Jan 2, 8:45pm
Depends on your setup but most drives/palyers are capable of burning and reading both.

lostdude, Jan 3, 6:29am
Iuse princo dvds. Never had a problem. If burning video, use +R. For data, use -R. Google for explanation.

mone, Jan 3, 6:34am
DVD-R for videos its the most common.

lostdude, Jan 3, 7:32am
There is a reason why Sony, Philips & few other companies created the +R format for video. Google it.

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