TV Tuner cards any good

dbolton, Jan 2, 9:12pm
TV Tuner cards any good I am looking at pc card type from DSE. Some stores have them on special for around $60. Are they any good. Looking to take one in a caravan and use rabbit ears. I know it depends on area reception but enquiry is in general terms.

flewy, Jan 2, 9:36pm
Rabiit ears are generly very crappy with tv tuner cards, you would be better to one of the Booster Amplifiers for an arieal. Or a Satellite freeview card for the PC and a Portable Satellite Dish.

poohy99, Jan 2, 9:53pm
If you buy a card at least get one with digital satellite and terrestrial tuner. The analog system is going off in a few years. I don't see any problem using rabbit ears if the signal is good.

zevion, Jan 2, 9:59pm
Got one here if you want it including aerial. just postage will do.

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