Scanning Documents Question

mml06, Jan 2, 9:30pm
Scanning Documents Question Does anyone know how you can add text to a document once it has been scanned ? TIA

pcmaster, Jan 2, 9:36pm
Scan the document into an OCR program, then it should be editable, resulting document can also be a little bit scrambled in translation sometimes so be wary of that too.

mml06, Jan 2, 9:41pm
How do you make it an OCR program ?

pcmaster, Jan 2, 9:44pm
Optical Character Recognition there should be a suitable program included with your scanner.

mml06, Jan 2, 9:48pm
Thats what im having trouble with it keeps scanning as an image

jmpcwiz, Jan 2, 10:34pm
I dont think my 8yr old scanner has OCRAnother way, is too scan it in as an image. Open in your favourite image editing program (Paint, Gimp, Photoshop etc) and add text. You will notice the difference though, and of course its not suitable for editing text.

soodanim, Jan 2, 10:38pm
Most OCR programs will work on any scanner. I use Abbyy,

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