Issues with new laptop

peggleg, Jan 2, 9:57pm
Issues with new laptop Can someone help??!! I got a new laptop on the 31st, it was an insurance claim and on the box the box it said it was ex demo. I dont know if that has anything to do with the following problem? Its a compaq cq50, and it doesnt seem to play DVDs?! Ive been uploading a bunch of cds into itunes no worries, went to play a DVD and nothing, its not recognising them. I tried a couple of discs but same result. Laptop is running vista and I have no experience with it, I have set the media centre on it. Can some help? Thanks :)

flewy, Jan 2, 9:59pm
You got an ex demo thru insurance? Send it back, NEW for OLD.

peggleg, Jan 2, 10:10pm
Really? I just got it...been waiting a month for it too. When we first started up it had this black screen with whilte writing saying that there had been an error and some files may have been lost, thats when I noticed that it was ex demo and I figured it was from the system restore. Its been fine with everything except playing the DVDs. I though it might be something I havent done in the set up of the media centre?

pcfix4u, Jan 2, 10:17pm
Try this VLC media player VLC is a free media player and one of the best.

peggleg, Jan 2, 10:26pm
Thank You! My old lappie had intr win, and I googled that...but I had to pay for it! Ill do it right now and let you know if it works :)

mark119, Jan 2, 10:38pm
I expect it just needs the right codecs Its typical for WinXP to require the right codecs to be loaded & I expect Vista to be the same. VLC and media player classic will most likely play yr DVD's. The right codecs can be had for free off the net downloaded as a bundle so U don't need to know exactly which one U need. DVDs will then play in Windows Media Player.

peggleg, Jan 2, 11:28pm
Still nothing. It just seems to want to burn the disc. Ive used the in buitl help and support but no luck there either. Do you thik its a software prob or a hardware one? There were no actual instructions in the box, just a quick stat guide which told me how to put the battery in and connect it to the power (lol), but nothing on using vista or anything. Do new laptops still come with booklets etc or did they stop doing that in the last 4 years?!

helpless, Jan 3, 12:10am
So when you put a DVD in the drive and then open my computer can you see the DVD in the drive..If not it's a problem with the actual discs or if you get some new ones and its the same then its a problem with the DVD drive itself.

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