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blossom2, Jan 2, 10:14pm
Please help when I install a new game on my puter it, on opening the game it reboots my puter(hence grumpy hubby cos he can't play his shootem up games!). Can someone please tell me why, according to specs on game it should run fine. I am running xp pro. Have minimum knowledge of puter.

kevin16, Jan 2, 10:25pm
The game is? .

blossom2, Jan 2, 10:26pm
Oops sorry operation thunderstorm

blossom2, Jan 2, 10:29pm
Even when I tried to put need for speed most wanted on it does the same thing and reboots the puter when trying to open.

gbbrot, Jan 2, 10:30pm
First.. please do not use the word 'puter'. It is a word used by small children to describe the computer because they have difficulty with the complete word. But I suspect you are an adult (mostly because of reference to hubby but I could be wrong). Next, your installing games (or any other program) usually calls for the rebooting of the computer so that the latest configuration can be loaded. It should not be required every time you start the program. It usually asks you if it's OK to restart. When this happens, get hubby to save his game. Then restart. Nexttime you run the game it will run normally (no reboot).

gyrogearloose, Jan 2, 10:39pm
Does your computer meet the minimum hardware specifications listed on the box? Like "GeForce 5600 or Radeon 9700 with 128 MB VRAM, DirectX 9.0C". To me, it sounds like your computer is rebooting because it has tried to enter a graphics mode that it can't cope with.

little_egypt, Jan 2, 10:48pm
According to the specs on the gameI think they covered that one Gyro, and that wouldn't make it reboot anyhow, it would just complain about the lack of 3d graphics. What might make it reboot is if the power supply is underpowered. It might be enough for a plain 2d desktop but in 3d mode the GPU will try to draw more power and that might make the machine reboot.

helpless, Jan 2, 10:57pm
Bad refresh rate would probably just make it drop back to the desktop without a rebbot..Bad memory confifuration on the pc could make it automatically reboot..Do this .Go to My Computer,,Right click it and select properties with a left click.Next thing that opens go left on Advanced then go left on Startup and Recovery and in the next interface take the tick out of Automatically Restart..Click ok ,,Click apply/ok if needbe.Restart the pc and run the game again..Hopefully you should get an error report rather than the pc just rebooting and you can take it from there.

blossom2, Jan 3, 12:17am
Thanks I have tried that and it didn't help but it did come up with the dreaded blue screen!
I have a Nividia geforce 6800 LE graphics card. The game requires a geforce 5700 or radeon 9700.

helpless, Jan 3, 12:22am
Right...Well I'd possibly look into the Power supply as someone mentioned,,Find out the wattage..may be written on it somewhere.Post back if you find it.Personally I'd be going with bad sticks of ram..well not bad, but just not right..Games are hard on memory and any annomolyes(sp) in Ram will cause a crash when it's put under a bit of pressure...Power supply first however..Report back wuth the details.

blossom2, Jan 3, 12:23am
As soon as I click open on the game it reboots the computer, so the computer is not even getting the game to run at all.

blossom2, Jan 3, 12:27am
I used to have need for speed most wanted on here then I had to reformat and now that does the same thing (ie reboots my pc). PC is about 3 years old. Where would I look for the wattage, that ones got me stumped!

helpless, Jan 3, 12:32am
You'd need to take the Left hand side off the box(Case)looking from front on to be able to possibly read the wattage..I know you aren't managing to even get the game running but still that can be a sigh of a memory problem.Do any other rather heavy duty games in the FPS dept run on the pc??If so what are the games??..If they do then I may be barking up the wrong tree..

blossom2, Jan 3, 12:36am
Yes we have Ghost recon that runs fine. Can't find wattage sorry

helpless, Jan 3, 12:39am
Which version Ghost Recon old isn't to demanding..I have it here..Good game.If it's the new version then thats a pretty demanding game ..

blossom2, Jan 3, 12:44am
Yeah it is the old one, clocked that game easily!

helpless, Jan 3, 12:49am
Next thing to have a look at is Go to Start then Run and type compmgmt.msc in the box..then push enter.In the thing that opens click the little + next to Event Viewer..Left Click on Application and read the errors on the right finding the one that relates to the game.You can read details of the error by left clicking each one and selecting properties..Check out the System ones as well..Select the latest error in each case and report back with your findings..

helpless, Jan 3, 12:51am
Clocked itBit hard to clock that game..The opposition are crack shots and very good at hiding in bushes..Type chickenrun into the Console sometime and you end up firing chickens instead of Grenades,,Funny as..

blossom2, Jan 3, 1:02am
Ok, had a look and there is no errors for the game operation thunderstorm, but there are application hang for ghost recon! under system, a w32time warning is there and a system error code 1000000a

helpless, Jan 3, 1:09am
Mmm...Games are a bit of a major To figure out whats going on..I could do the checks myself but for others it's a bit of work.If you have multiple sticks of Ram I'd remove one and see what luck you have.If the games does the same then replace that one and try it again with the other removed..I don't know what more to suggest other than making sure you have a decent set of drivers for the Vid card and also to make sure you aren't running any Refresh Rate fixing applications and to make sure the Pc is set to 1024X768 and with a Refresh rate of say 85hz..Good hunting..

blossom2, Jan 3, 1:15am
Moniter settings are at 60 hertz. only has up to 75 hertz in dropdown window. could this be the issue?

helpless, Jan 3, 1:20am
Possible..but I can't be sure.. Up it to 75hz.Some games do need a particular setting to run correctly..I reiterate the some,,not all. Anything on the box about such things??

blossom2, Jan 3, 1:24am
No the system requirements on the box read windows 2000/xp/vista
directx9.0c or higher
Pentium 42.0 Ghz processor or equivalent
512mb ram (1gb for vista)
geforce 5700 or radeon 9700 128mb graphic card
3 gb of free hard drive space
qquad speed dd-rom
16 bit sound card compatible with direct x9
mouse and keyboard and broadband for multiplayer

laj3, Jan 3, 1:26am
In never had that problem i Play a few games too.

helpless, Jan 3, 1:28am
So I take it you have managed to install the game.Have you been able to get into any of the option screens at all to change some of the settings or is it pretty much as soon as you go to open it from the shortcut it crashes the pc..If thats the case then I don't lnow what more to suggest than trying the memory thing.On the other hand it may be that Vistas just a pig ,,

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