going to buy a laptop

meg13, Jan 2, 10:31pm
Going to buy a laptop what do you guys recommend. I will only use it for surfing and photo storage and watching tv/dvds not into gaming but do play the odd facebook game?

little_egypt, Jan 2, 10:37pm
You could buy a compaq acer presario travelnote! Available for a limited time only. check the 'confused' thread.

sakkara, Jan 2, 10:41pm
Depends on your budget and if you want new or second hand ?
also what size ie subnotebook or desktop replacement

mark119, Jan 2, 10:51pm
Laptop facilities The newer generation laptops have up to date outlet plugs eg digital video and more USB ports. Your use may mean DVI output may not be required. Watch out for the placement of USB ports i.e. you want to be able to plug a mouse in where the plug doesn't get in the way of your hand. Get one with 2Gig of RAM (future proofing)All new laptops will come with Vista. If you want WinXP some drivers may not be available. If its just office type use a separate video card is probably not necessary.
The biggest hurdle will be deciding what screen size to get. Laptops get very cumbersome very quickly, U want the smallest screen size that is big enough to do the job.

ponyboy, Jan 3, 1:02am
Watch out for the CASH BACK REDEMPTION offers too, a sly scam promoted by manufacturers. Am still waiting since July for my $100 back from Toshiba despite my claim being approved for payment.

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