A bouquet for Xnet ...

harrop, Jan 2, 10:57pm
A bouquet for Xnet I changed to Xnet two years ago and have tolerated a mediocre 2200kb/s download speed. All of a sudden it has virtually doubled to 4428kb/s. Upload is unchanged at 130kb/s. Woohoo!

dino7, Jan 2, 11:19pm
Xnet are useless .........last night no internet from about 2am, can't wait for people to start leaving them so they can actually handle the amount of customers they have.

little_egypt, Jan 2, 11:30pm
I must be lucky When I first joined xnet the speed was terrible and it kept disconnecting constantly. After a lot of fiddling about I decided my modem was the problem so I got a new Linksys, which was better but kept locking up (WTF? It's new!) Took that back and got a replacement which also locked up. Finally figured out it was a known bug with the firmware and upgraded it, and I have had 9,000+ download speeds and +400kbps uploads ever since, any time of the day and mostly testing to LA. I'm not all that happy with how often the connection is down though because we're relying on them for the phone line, and lots of other people still seem to be having speed problems too.

fishb8, Jan 3, 1:46am
- It was probably a Telecom line upgrade that boosted you speed. I'm with Xnet, too and a few weeks back I couldn't get on the net for hours. Tried everything, then suddenly it came back on and my download speed went from 1500 kbps to nearly 8000 kbps. It was Telecom upgrading the cabinets in the area. Still awesome with the extra speed but nothing to do with Xnet.

richms, Jan 3, 2:42am
Be glad you're not with orcon+ or vodafone red then, they are staying on the exchange and the unbundled gear rather then the new cabinet, and performance is dropping with all the higher signal levels on the cables from the cabinet.

jo7, Jan 3, 3:43am
Mine's gone up too I thought maybe everyone downloading was on holiday, so there wasn't much demand for bandwidth!

little_egypt, Jan 3, 3:44am
On holiday .. or ran away to other providers.

cloffie, Jan 3, 5:01am
No bb for me 1 am ish either Dino and right now I am using dial up using my laptop cos my broadband has gone dog AGAIN useage icon is pink instead of green with the message couldnt access internet usage pleas check that your connection is working correctly[on desktop]

lostdude, Jan 3, 5:03am
You've probably been upgraded to ADSL2+. Check your modem modulation for confirmation.

kane199, Jan 3, 5:06am
Did you unplug any phones or devices that plug into the phoneline? when it's sunny here my line speed increases only a few 100 kb though

cloffie, Jan 3, 5:19am
Lostdude cloffie too thick to know what that is or how to check it! will you help me pretty please

lostdude, Jan 3, 6:18am
Look at your modem/router and tell us the brand name & model number. If it's not on the front, then check the back for a series of alpha/numeric combinations.

cloffie, Jan 3, 6:24am
Lostdude it is a D LINK Wireless ADSL2+ROUTER DSL G604T is about 6 months old

lostdude, Jan 3, 6:36am
Ok, what OS are you using? E.g. XP, Vista etc? Usual method of accessing your modem will be to type the default gateway into your web browser. To find that out, double click icon with 2 monitors on the right side of your taskbar (lower right hand corner of screen), then click 'support' tab. You will be prompted for a username/password. Default is admin:admin. Once in there should be a 'status' tab. Click that, then 'ADSL' button on the left-hand menu. Look for Modulation.

cloffie, Jan 3, 7:15am
Lostdude sorry I got sidetracked by having to disconnect this dial up for phone line ..daughter rang from aus in that time ..have to go out right now so I will revisit in the morning thanks heaps I will get back to you

cloffie, Jan 3, 9:49pm
Lostdude connection is restored bb is up and running perfectly again..I sent ANOTHER e-mail [a very grumpy one I might add]and reminded them of the other dozen or so problems I have had over the last few months.help..I hadnt done what you had advised bb just "reappeared!" Thanks heaps for your help

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