Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs I need to get 2 IBM laptops repaired, any recommended repairers in Auckland area? Any suggestions from people who have had laptops repaired or heard good reprts from friends. TIA

geek_thecrazybaker, Jan 3, 11:55 am

Dont waste ya time / money, if their more that 5 years old.

geek_hasbeana, Jan 3, 12:11 pm

I need one too Someone has mucked roun with my daughter's Sony Vaio notebook (Vista OS) and now won't even boot up so need a tech on the North Shore. It's less than a year old she bought it from the retail store at the Naval Base so no help from them unfortunately.

geek_ponyboy, Jan 3, 1:59 pm

First take battery out then put back in and restart. what happens then.

geek_brijo, Jan 3, 4:52 pm

Have been pleased with

172 Trafalgar Street Onehunga, have worked on both Laptop and Deckstop, supplied new screen. Quick economical and great to deal with.

geek_portly, Jan 3, 5:58 pm