I read a book about Linux.... Live CD's

ruby2shoes, Jan 2, 10:54pm
I read a book about LinuxLive CD's It had 'Live CDs' Made for gaming e.g. OS's for gaming. Would it be able to say play Crysis even though it says 'ONLY FOR WINDOWS', while Windows is in the background. Getting really sick of Vista, and can't afford XP ATM. P.S. I have a 'Live CD' I don't know what its for or how to use it but Yeah I've got one. Thanks. (P.S. When I brought this PC it had 2 Versions of Linux, Vista, a cracked Hacked version of Windows so bad it wouldn't boot that version, and some weird OS's I've never seen before)

little_egypt, Jan 2, 11:02pm
NoWhen you boot up a live CD you're running Linux and can only play Linux games. Windows isn't 'in the background' anywhere, it's still sitting on the hard-drive and being completely ignored. You might find Vista runs a bit better if you get a tech to 'decrapify' it or do a 'clean install'. Computer manufacturers like to install all kinds of crap you don't really need along with Windows on new machines, which makes it run not so well. You might also be able to 'upgrade' ;-) from Vista to Windows XP

little_egypt, Jan 2, 11:10pm
Actually, if you're in Hamilton You can get some free or very cheap help with Windows through Hamilton PC computer club [www.hamiltoncomputerclub.co.nz]
and if you want heaps of help with Linux, try [wlug.org.nz]

cybertao, Jan 2, 11:59pm
There is Wine for linux A surprising number of Windows games will run in it, but not many of the latest ones. Games that support OpenGL often work well - I play WoW on my Ubuntu box. Wine's support can be improved by having a copy of Windows installed so that Wine can use the official dlls, rather than it's own rewritten ones. There are Wine offshoots, such as the commercial package Cedega that provide better support. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine_(software)

deodar, Jan 3, 12:03am
How does that book finish? On the last page? I just read a good one C++ in 24 HRS-had it for months.

little_egypt, Jan 3, 12:04am
I don't usually bother mentioning wine Because people expect that they can just install any windows game and it will work. For some games (like WoW) it works pretty well. For most of the games we've tried, they don't run anywhere as well as they do in windows or it takes a bit of fiddling around to make it work at all.

helpless, Jan 3, 12:06am
Yeah,,,I tried it with BF1942 Couldn't get it working..Linux isn't up to speed for games as yet.

cybertao, Jan 3, 12:24am
Games from my collection that work: Dawn of War, Unreal Tournament, Conflict:Desert Storm, Starcraft, Earth 2150, Heavy Gear, Battle Isle 4, Preatorians. There are more I haven't tested. There is a comprehensive database at winehq.com

cybertao, Jan 3, 12:26am
"Linux isn't up to speed for games as yet." Given that it runs games designed for Windows and not linux, it does damn well. Linux will never be able to support Windows games as well as Windows.

little_egypt, Jan 3, 12:29am
"Game developers aren't up to speed with Linux" Well, most only develop for Windows and don't write Linux games. Some do though, and those games run as well (or often better) on Linux as they do on Windows.

cybertao, Jan 3, 12:49am
Deodar If you're really keen on C++, I'd recommend Bronson's 'A first book of c++'. It was a required text when I went to Waikato, so finding a second-hand copy shouldn't be hard. There's one listed for $20 right now, 195539246

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