4 Beeps and No Start Up

lparker2, Jan 2, 11:29pm
4 Beeps and No Start Up Our Dell Vostro 200 desktop was running sweet last night. Now when i try to start it up it beeps 4 times, then stops, then beeps 4 times etc etc and does not start up. I have googled this problem and can't find anythingcan any of you wonderful people help please??? Thanks in advance!!

soodanim, Jan 2, 11:35pm
Video or memory...Is it a card on onboard? If it's a card try reseatting the card and the RAM.

little_egypt, Jan 2, 11:38pm
Video / PCI card or memory unseated? Open the case up. Leave it plugged in at the wall, but turned off, and keep one hand on the case as much as possible while you work on it. Make sure the video card is seated properly in the socket, modern ones have a clip at the end but the old ones used to pop out pretty often. Best thing is to carefully take it out and plug it in again. While you're in there, you might as well do that for all/any other PCI cards too, and same for the ram. Put it all back together and see if it boots.

helpless, Jan 2, 11:40pm
And heres a website about beeps http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/beep/index.htm Theres a number of pages to read but as Sood says do a reseat of those bits first....

lparker2, Jan 2, 11:42pm
Hmmm.. sounds to technical for me! lol might have to call in the professionals or a friend! thanks for the help!

litldevil, Jan 3, 12:58am
Hi there if you dont want to have a go yourself..or not sure of who to call.. then i could be able to take a look for you...

litldevil, Jan 3, 1:00am
Is the pc under warranty at all?

lparker2, Jan 3, 2:50am
Thanks for that litldevil! i have had a look on the dell site and it walked me through taking the memory out etcit was hard locating what the memory looks like lol but i pulled something out and stuck it back in and now it seems to be working fine! thanks for the offer! :)

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