Windows Power Toys does it work

smokeyu, Jan 3, 12:19am
Windows Power Toys does it work on the vista home preium?

evoeater, Jan 3, 12:22am

dino7, Jan 3, 1:34am
Re2 why post? what is wrong with someone asking on here ffs i am sick of ppl giving the 'google' answer ........anyone giving the 'google it' should google 'arrogant smarmy twaat' their name may come up:P
anyway i have heard powertoys don't work with vista but i haven't googled it so could be wrong;)

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 1:41am
Why Google? Because some people don't know they can type a question into Google and many times, get the answer they were looking for. Some can't make any sense or find the answer - fine, come back and ask. But this isn't a "free help" forum, and I would rather point someone in the direction of being able to solve the problem for themselves. Teach a man to fish.

drcspy, Jan 3, 1:49am
So dino7 you whinged about 's answer and then said you didnt know the answer cause you havent googled it yourself......this must mean you havent even cliked the link supplied........also you admit that google will/should be of should the op expect soemone else to pass on the knowledge THEY probably got from google anyway..........teach a man to fish.......dont just give him a fish

dino7, Jan 3, 2:03am
Ffs drcspy i said 'googled' with tongue in cheek you humourless twaat...........knew the usual 'google it' asses would spout up .......its a messageboard and ppl can ask or say what they want if you know the answer why not tell em instead of 'look for yourself' knowledge is power?

evoeater, Jan 3, 2:05am
A quote by someone called dino7 comes to mind "its a messageboard and ppl can ask or say what they want". And I did

drcspy, Jan 3, 2:07am
Same............and 'knowledge is power' but knowing how to acquire knowledge is MUCH more 'power'.....duh !

dino7, Jan 3, 2:12am
So u clowns just search the boards and copy and paste your google link to help ppl .......good on ya;)

evoeater, Jan 3, 2:13am
Thanks Much appreciated

drcspy, Jan 3, 2:16am
whaddya think this is ..........a helpboard ?.. it's not ....but we do help....and other times we teach people to help themselves......and maybe onday they'll help someone also........get ya head out of yoru A$$

smokeyu, Jan 3, 2:58am
I just asked a smiple question & didn't mean to mean to start a war of words.
My mistake thought this was a help board.

dino7, Jan 3, 3:23am
Re11 we, we, we who are we? ohhhhhh you techs who think they are special?;) tosser:P........or in your words MORON:)

tptrader, Jan 3, 3:33am
Morons are people who can't spell people DUH!

dino7, Jan 3, 3:45am
Re14 OMG i see another google twaat has come out..that makes more ppl u (yes i can't spell that either)Moron:)

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 3:49am
And tptrader professional troll.

dino7, Jan 3, 4:13am
Dumb ree professional? i don't get paid to keep your feet on the ground and ensure you don't actually believe techs are special;)

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