Game websites for kids!

cleo30, Jan 3, 12:05am
Game websites for kids! Can anyone recommend some good websites with free games for kids to play?

soodanim, Jan 3, 12:05am
How old...

little_egypt, Jan 3, 12:06am what age kids?

cleo30, Jan 3, 12:07am
Boy is 8 and girl 14

cleo30, Jan 3, 12:29am
Any recomendations gratefully accepted!

r.g.nixon, Jan 3, 12:35am &0;

pcmaster, Jan 3, 12:36am is pretty good

laj3, Jan 3, 12:44am .

little_egypt, Jan 3, 12:48am
Did you want online games or downloads? is one of the best for online flash games imho.. there's also,, or

zak410, Jan 3, 4:33am
Lots of games here

crab2, Jan 3, 11:11pm
This one has heaps for all age groups

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