Can I ask a really dumb question re restore

Can I ask a really dumb question re restore I know I might annoy some so apologise. Ive done a restore restoring the computor to how I bought it. I dont suppose that will restore the dvd region back to 4 instead of 2 that I changed to when I played a dvd which was region 2 I imagine it wouldnt but had to ask.

geek_angierose, Jan 3, 2:16 pm

No. .

geek_cybertao, Jan 3, 2:19 pm

Have you triedgoing to the properties of the dvd player? in there you can change how it opens, also go to hardware tab and in there you can change the region, this is for win xp anyway

geek_browsing, Jan 3, 2:22 pm

Hey it worked Im thrilled!! yay ;0)

geek_angierose, Jan 3, 3:18 pm

Yay! You get three more and it's locked. Look into applying a 'region-free' firmware update before you get there.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 3, 3:27 pm

Yup have learnt computor working like it dont stuff it

geek_angierose, Jan 3, 3:32 pm