wyndra, Jan 3, 1:01am
Modem Hi , am looking at modems on trademe, not wireless. Which would be the best brand to buy that would suit any broadband provider ?

gazzanova69, Jan 3, 3:43am
US Robotics are a good brand

oldman, Jan 3, 4:23am
First, decide whether you want a modem or router A router gives a second level of protection against trogens etc. Both allow connection to the high speed (broadband) internet. My personal brand preference in Dynalink. As far as an internet provider is concerned I do not repeat not recommend Xtra.

malachiman, Jan 3, 5:52am
I would avoid Dynalink and get a Linksys they have some great new models out recently

intrade, Jan 3, 6:00am
Only buy these brands us-robotics -3com linksys. never ever bu a "d-link crap modem"

intrade, Jan 3, 6:01am
For broadband only buy router/modem 2 in 1 units anything else is a waste of time...

swivel, Jan 3, 6:05am
Lol D-link are fine (Don't listen to old one-eye), Also Thomson or 2wire are very good. And yes Get Adsl routers (as alot are routers/hub/switchs which don't have adsl)

lostdude, Jan 3, 6:11am
D-Link & Dynalink are 2 different brands

oldman, Jan 3, 6:32am
D-Link are crap in my opinion They are so crappy telescum's Xtra is giving them away.

little_egypt, Jan 3, 6:46am
My experience with d-link Had one for about four years, eventually it died (kept disconnecting, etc). Have seen two other newer d-links with the same problem. Got a replacement d-link and it also had the same problem. Wasn't dust causing them to overheat 'cos I opened both up and they were spotless, ran one of them open with a CPU fan blowing on the chips and it was still dropping out. YMMV but I won't be getting another d-link.

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