Cell phone memory card help please

darockstar, Jan 3, 1:25am
Cell phone memory card help please Please can someone help. I am not great with computers.I have a new Samsung Envy cell phone. I purchased a 2GB memory card for it.So today I have copied a load of cds into my pc along with photos.I got the memory card and put it in this usb holder thing and slotted that into my usb connection on pc.It shows as a removable disk "F" so i copied all the files into it.Now when I put the card back in the phone it reads no file yet shows that there is space used up on the card so there are files on teh card but the cell phone does not seem to be rwading it. Anyone help plese ?

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 1:26am
From memory you have to format the card with your cellphone first.

darockstar, Jan 3, 1:27am
TaWill try that and come back soon.

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