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fallen1, Jan 3, 2:00am
Ubuntu install issue ok here i go...i am trying too dual boot winxp and ubuntu 8.10 ..all goes intel i get to where you set ya the partitioni have watch a few youtube video and it show that u can drag a bar to get the partition size u want . i cant there is no bar to slide and it says there is no free size on my disk ..any ideas

i have a 80hdd with 38 gigs free

gazzanova69, Jan 3, 2:11am
Maybe split the partition using gparted open a terminal and type "sudo gparted" without the quotes

fallen1, Jan 3, 2:17am
All good i found it thanks for ya help

fallen1, Jan 3, 4:07am
Ahhh grrr nope didnt get it .. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/installinghardyplus11.png like in the pic i dnt have winxp and ubuntu .. it just shows winxp

fallen1, Jan 3, 4:25am
I think i figgered it when i install windows i told it to take the whole drive .. there for there is now space for ubuntu

gazzanova69, Jan 3, 4:48am
Thats why you use gparted to shrink the xp partition http://is.gd/esAq then right click on the empty space and create new partition

fallen1, Jan 3, 5:30am
Okdid that and it came up with a warning sign saying i have atleast 1 bad sector on my disk hmm

sirfer, Jan 3, 5:33am
don't we all ;o) Reinstall XP using whatever % of the hdd you want XP/ntfs to occupy, then install ubuntu and it's pretty easy from there...

fallen1, Jan 3, 5:35am
Yeah that was my next step maybe next weekend

little_egypt, Jan 3, 5:42am
Hint If you're going to resize windows, it's a good idea to defrag it first, and it's absolutely essential that you do a clean shutdown in windows before booting the Linux installer. Linux can't do anything with a 'dirty' (improperly closed) NTFS filesystem. The other thing you can do is use the windows disk management. I'm not sure if XP can resize the partition it booted from, but I'm pretty sure Vista can and that's probably a little safer than letting Linux do it.

0800xford, Jan 3, 8:31am
always choose 'manual' at the partitioner.

fallen1, Jan 3, 9:06am
I tryed that too and and it wouldnt let me change anything

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:08am
did you boot from the disc or are you using wubi?

fallen1, Jan 3, 9:12am
I booted from disk...

fallen1, Jan 3, 9:17am
Hmm should i try it with Wubi

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:20am
be careful man, you could hose your system. i'd run a disc repair utility before getting too carried away [your HDD manufacturers site should have one]

fallen1, Jan 3, 9:24am
That is Western Digital

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:30am
is the missus going to kick you out if you kill windows? ha ha =p WD have tools @ their site.

fallen1, Jan 3, 9:32am
Naw she has her on pc with ubuntu on it

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:40am
did you try the other partitioning options or a third party app? gparted is excellent, but just download puppy linux, gparted is included and it's faster, and more useful =]

fallen1, Jan 3, 9:41am
Yep i tryed gparted and i downloaded Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools 11.2 but it doesnt tell ya shit whats the link for puppy

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:44am
i was going to make some smart arse comment about your google being as good as mine, but then decided not to [ http://www.puppylinux.org/downloads/official-releases/puppy-linux-412 ]

fallen1, Jan 3, 9:48am
Yeah i have been waiting for it .. and i have already downloaded puppy while i was waiting .. google works just fine lol

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:50am
should we turn this into a metal thread again? ha ha [ Cianide - The Dying Truth - 04 - Scourging At The Pillar.mp3 ]

fallen1, Jan 3, 9:51am
Hmm Death - The Sound Of Perseverance (whole album)

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