laptop? Screen stays black when turned on

romney, Jan 3, 2:29am
Laptop? Screen stays black when turned on I have a laptop that is not very old. Every now and then when I turn it on the screen stays black and I cant do anything but turn it off via the plug at back and restart?
Why is it doing this??? It started I think when I got wireless mobile broadband?

olack, Jan 3, 3:37am
Remove the battery unplug the power cord...I had to do this because the old battery...maybe I didn't get the PC or the bios to calibrate it, I am new to laptops. Maybe the baery is too old and failing, otherwise it may just be a setup problem for you...and for me...the laptop manufacturer will very likely have a proper method of getting the battery installed correctly and if you look any further than setting it up properly, this is what I think I shold be getting around to doing with a laptop here, look ofr other Battery specific troubleshooting guides at the same your post looked a bit lonely so...

brijo, Jan 3, 4:01am
what the hell are you babling on about .

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