Vodafone mobile question

jboyjgirl1, Jan 3, 2:42am
Vodafone mobile question Have a work phone and forgot totopup vodafone within 12 months- probabl 2-3 months past. Is there anyway I can just top up now and still have my same number does anybody know?

sakkara, Jan 3, 2:50am
Ring 777 from your mobile and ask them

jboyjgirl1, Jan 3, 2:56am
Says not a current prepay ?

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 2:58am
Ring them from a landline then.

maverick65, Jan 3, 3:42am
I'm pretty sure your no. no longer applys to your phone nowit will be recycled . You might have to start over with a new sim card and a new no.

maverick65, Jan 3, 3:44am
You can't ring froma landlie either as first thing they ask you to input is your mobile no. ! and you have to pay for prepay help anyway and since your prepay has expired.. well you're stuck. might pay to go in to vodafone and get it sorted. good luck but I think you'll have to start over.

2gd4ubb, Jan 3, 9:21am
It's reissued the day your phone expires. It's automatically placed on another sim card.

kane199, Jan 3, 9:26am
Ring up, see if the numbers still available and get it put onto a new sim

richms, Jan 3, 10:27am
Its not an immediate re-issue when your credit expires, I have topped up a month after that and it started working again, know people that left it longer and ended up losing the number.

If its still able to take calls, do yourself a favour and port it to telecom

pcgeek, Jan 3, 6:57pm
If you haven't used it, why do you suddenly need to? Your boss should be pleased you saved him money so shouldn't be a hassle there.

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