broadband usage?

romney, Jan 3, 3:19am
Broadband usage? I have wireless mobile broadband and wondered if you are using the Mbs when you are coneected but not searching anything ie if you go away to hang the washing out etc?

pcfix4u, Jan 3, 4:19am
If its not secured some else could be using your broadband even with the computer turned off. If there are programs loading at start up like music downloads, torrents, yes to that.

mone, Jan 3, 6:56am
most likely no usage . Except maybe Windows update or Anti virus connecting. Should be obvious thought unless its a malware or dialer, thats vicious.

oscarnz, Jan 3, 7:21am
If you have internet pages open some of them have content that is continually refreshed

drcspy, Jan 3, 7:50am
And since when is a dialler goin to do anything on a BB connection....

karrie3, Jan 3, 10:53am
Very small usage when not actually in use, check out your ISP's daily usage meter. Nothing to worry about unless you're on a low plan eg xtra's 200mb or similar where you could waste nearly half your monthly allowance by leaving it on

deodar, Jan 3, 12:29pm
I seriously hope not Mines on all the time(always on)to
some site or other,while I do other
things,hanging out the washing is 1,
mowing lawns,off shopping,playing
with the dog etc.The Monitor goes to
sleep & the computer does sometimes.
My last a/c was $18 from Slingshot,
which included all my xmas phoning.

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