Help please!

printer, Jan 3, 3:05am
Help please! Hello,
Purchased a new Maxtor Ex HD as old Ex HD too small.
Use Paragon to back-up, as that's what I had. (opinions please).
Running Win XP Pro.
I have a recovery Disc, but wanted to be able to reboot from the EX HD.
Won't WINXP Pro allow this?-tried everything.Also are there better simplier Back-up programes out there?

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 3:11am
By EX do you mean external? So you copied all of your stuff from the old external HDD to the new one. I'm not sure what the problem is, then - why are you trying to boot from an external hard drive? Presumably XP is installed on an internal HDD?

b.j.nichols, Jan 3, 3:16am
Have you.changed your BIOS settings to boot from USB external HDD??

printer, Jan 3, 3:19am
Help please EX=external HD yes.
Well if my old PC goes down, I wanted to be able to reboot also from the external HD,1-to make certain it works, and 2-if Win XP Pro on my Old PC is US, to be able to reinstate from the new external HD. Won't Windows allow this?i.e. rebooting from an ext HD, thru a USB port?

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 3:21am
Yes but as says you have to change your BIOS settings. So have you cloned your entire HDD onto the external?

printer, Jan 3, 3:27am
Help please My son tried this. -The BIOS settings, but thought Win XP Pro, won't allow rebooting from an extenal HD=correct??
He's compedant, but mainlly a Mac Man.
Said you have to change files?
Also when one replies to a message on here, do I have to put the same title?

oldman, Jan 3, 3:27am
Your BIOS may not allow this. Many BIOS did not allow for booting from a USB device. Also, even if your computer does allow booting from a USB device, WinXP expects to find itself on C: drive. If it is anywhere else it will probably freeze as it continuously looks for itself.

printer, Jan 3, 3:29am
Help please yes to 5-cloned everything.
I also haven't got a Disc for my Win XP Pro, from the person who contructed it several years ago.

printer, Jan 3, 3:32am
Yes I think that could be the.. problem. It goes to C Drive.
I selected the new Maxtor EXT HD but it won't reboot from there.

drcspy, Jan 3, 3:34am DONT have to type that 'help please' thread title into every reply..........jeeeeezzzzz.......just look at ANY other thread to verify that........omg.........

printer, Jan 3, 3:38am
Yes i realised that-re last reply

printer, Jan 3, 3:51am
Oldman is.. there anything I can do about changing the bios, or is it best to use the Recovery CD

oldman, Jan 3, 4:12am
I don't really understand what you are trying to achieve. 1st. Your BIOS may not allow booting from a USB device. I can't tell from here. 2nd. You have already stated you don't have the WinXP installation CD but then you refer to the recovery CD. The recovery CD should allow you to re-install the operating system. If you want to back up your operating system (a good idea) I suggest you ghost the operating system to a spare hard drive, then put the spare hdd somewhere safe. If the system totally craps out the spare hard drive can replace the C: drive or you can simply ghost the info back to the C: drive.

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