Old PC

najopito, Jan 3, 3:37am
Old PC I have got a couple old PC. I am going to wipe everything off them with Darik's Boot and Nuke. Is it worth installing anything back on them if I am going to sell them for $1?

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 3:38am
Nope not unless you have (eg) XP + COA for them. If you really want to install something to prove they're working, maybe something like Puppy linux.

najopito, Jan 3, 3:40am
Puppy linux. Puppy linux is it easy to install? Never used linux. Not sure where CD with XP are. Also they just run XP at slow speed.

najopito, Jan 3, 5:38am
Never mind Linux puppy working well. Now to wipe windows and re install...

little_egypt, Jan 3, 5:56am
Could have saved you some time too To wipe the hard drive just boot up puppy, open a root terminal and type 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda', then install puppy. This does a single zero-wipe, quite fast and most data recover experts consider the data 'unrecoverable' after than.

0800xford, Jan 3, 8:39am
[here] it's faster to boot my puppy disc and run the built in gparted than to boot my standalone gparted disc :p

najopito, Jan 3, 10:17am
Puppy linux. I can get it to boot off CD but not Hard Drive.

0800xford, Jan 3, 11:22pm
did you install it to hard disc and if so did you install grub too?

little_egypt, Jan 3, 11:27pm
How old are they? If they're close to 1GHz and have 384M or ram or more, it might be better to install Mint or Vixta. Puppy's nice and fast, but it's not really the best desktop for someone who isn't familiar with Linux already.

najopito, Jan 4, 1:33am
HD 8 Gig Arround 640M or ram. The machines may me good for use a browsers and maybe the Linux Office like progam but that about it

0800xford, Jan 4, 1:42am
that's the HDD size and the quantity of ram, not the speedif you're running puppy, open an app called 'conky' it will show you some interesting stuff about your system.

gbbrot, Jan 4, 3:46am
Fascinates me.. just what people are doing that requires a full security wipe when they sell their comps.

richms, Jan 4, 3:49am
So you are happy giving people traces of all your emails, downloads, financial details, things you have done for your work, kids photos, porn collection etc etc.

pixma, Jan 4, 3:51am
Well, I don't do anything illegal or anything like that, but I would not like the next owner of any of my PC's looking though ANYTHING of mine.

sirfer, Jan 4, 7:12am
Heh pr0n is not illegal. I don't do anything illegal with my computers either but I still scrub em good when I sell them. DBaN also doubles as a disk inegrity check.

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