I need the phone number to activate MS Office 2007

I need the phone number to activate MS Office 2007 over the phone. Have googled but I cant find it.

geek_d_family, Jan 3, 4:43 pm

When you go to the option of registering you pick your country and the number is listed automatically ;-)

geek_sakkara, Jan 3, 4:45 pm

I don't have office 2007 but I know that the phone number should appear on the message that pops up on your computer saying that it needs to be activated (you can choose online or over the phone, from memory).

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 4:45 pm

Its not popping up.

geek_d_family, Jan 3, 4:48 pm

Is there a message when you try to run it about so many more days to go ?

geek_sakkara, Jan 3, 4:50 pm

Says I got 25 more uses and to activate. it wont let me do it via the internet so I click the phone option but theres no nummber to call

geek_d_family, Jan 3, 4:51 pm

It's Microsoft New Zealand 0800 - 0800 800 004

geek_cherieandmark, Jan 3, 4:51 pm

You need the 30 odd numbers your computer generated to enter in as the process is an automated voice ;-)

geek_sakkara, Jan 3, 4:53 pm

Microsoft New Zealand Try phoning Microsoft Support Team here in New Zealand on: Ph 0800 800 004

geek_us109, Jan 6, 11:19 pm

Have you brought office? and put in the key? Or did it come as a free trial on a new pc you have brought?

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jan 6, 11:54 pm

No you don't need the phone numberYou need to realise the software package is ONLY able to be used on a certain number of computers. Hence your problem. Also why don't ya just activate it NORMALLY like anyone else does....MMMMM???

geek_snoopy221, Jan 7, 12:00 am