Remote administration

watson8, Jan 3, 4:22am
Remote administration Hi, i would like to connect to the computer at work and remotely control it. which program would you recommend? I've been looking at Radmin via EchoVNC. but the anti virus there monitors it as spyware. any ideas?

computerone, Jan 3, 4:23am
Try This You can try Real VNC:

watson8, Jan 3, 4:34am
Hmi will have to look into it after work but it doesnt seem like its capable with accessing computers on a lan in the next network? ie using a router at work/home. then again i didnt read much of the site yet thx tho

2gd4ubb, Jan 3, 4:35am
Anything that supports debian?

acura, Jan 3, 4:36am
try logmein.

litldevil, Jan 3, 4:42am
Logmein free works fineexcept no remote printing, file transfers or sounds..

i have aprrox 30 pcs all using logmein free even have found it easy to setup others to allow access to certain pc's as secondary users..

watson8, Jan 3, 4:43am
Re 4, both running xp atm. might change to 1 vista 1 xp tho

litldevil, Jan 3, 4:44am
You still need to allow it access thru firewalls.. but no probs like radmin being seen as dodgy.

and the beauty of logmein is that you can access your pcs away from home..anywhere with a net connection

watson8, Jan 3, 4:44am
Price is not an issue if its sure to work!

litldevil, Jan 3, 4:45am
Vista is cool too just some extra setup stuff allowing access

watson8, Jan 3, 4:50am
Re8 firewalls arnt a problem but the antivirus they use at work is rather odd. i think its based at a differnt server and only the scanning tools r installed on the comp itself. making it impossible to make exceptions? but i did recently receive the password for it so maybe i'll be able to view new options

artfarm, Jan 3, 6:48am
Logmein gets my vote and if you get the paid version you get file sharing and remote printing. never had a problem with it.

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