For the 987,564,238th time PLEASE Vista how?

kiwikidd77, Jan 3, 4:59am
For the 987,564,238th time PLEASE Vista how? Do I shut off that annoying security thing that wants an OK everytime you try doing much more than open windows? its diving my friend madshe only got her new computer yesterday, Vista Home Premium in case it differs in each version. Thanks in advance.

lostdude, Jan 3, 5:01am
LOL UAChint hintgoogle *cough*

drcspy, Jan 3, 5:01am
Http:// .

kane199, Jan 3, 5:03am
That wasnt a very good link drcspy go into control panel then user accounts, then click "turn user account control on or off" and untick the ticker box, you'll need to restart

drcspy, Jan 3, 5:05am
Stupid tiny url thingy F*cked up .

kiwikidd77, Jan 3, 5:05am
Link failed drcspy got the good old 404 error. Must be a microsoft site..

drcspy, Jan 3, 5:06am
Heres a link that's guaranteed to work: ..........try it....

kiwikidd77, Jan 3, 5:07am
Thanks kane199 and you too drcspy. Hope 2009 has started well for you.

drcspy, Jan 3, 5:08am

evoeater, Jan 3, 5:46am
Put up with it Sure you see it at the start when you're installing/configuring everything but once your sorted you barely see it.

deodar, Jan 3, 6:13am
Yeah that's right THERE"S NOTHING you can do About it,an inherent native Microsoft
feature that safegaurds user from
making mistakes & accidentaly erasing
holiday snapshots,wedding photos ,
Emails or anything they might erase.
Its to protect users from themselves.

pixma, Jan 3, 6:16am

baker-assoc, Jan 3, 6:37am
Heres a link I found useful when setting up Vista

evoeater, Jan 3, 6:37am
Or rather how hard is it to put up with UAC prompting you for the first couple of days or so. But hey, lets just throw the security model out the window

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