Linux Want to install via Flash drive on a g4 mac

hialea, Jan 3, 4:56am
Linux Want to install via Flash drive on a g4 mac I saw that you can install linux via flash drive here
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But im just wondering will this work on a g4 mac? So when i start up my mac it will boot from the flash drive but when i shut down and remove the flash drive it will boot osx? and im sorry i have been posting so much about linux on here.Thanks alot guys.

intrade, Jan 3, 5:54am
New one should work tryed a linux live cd for a test? like mitrax or kanotix? ps kanotix is soon going to be new as lenny debian is now anounced to be final soon....

wogadopolous, Jan 3, 6:45am
Your G4 won't do it The USB booting was introduced when Macs moved to using Intel processors. PPCs can quite happily boot from Firewire, but I haven't heard of linux being made bootable in this way. Have a look in places like the Ubuntu forums, there will likely have been similar questions asked and answered before.

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