Mac and Belkin?

jimbob51, Jan 3, 5:18am
Mac and Belkin? Is it possible to set up a belkin wireless router with a mac? (802.11g)

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 5:19am
If you connect with an ethernet cable yes.

jimbob51, Jan 3, 5:21am
Cheers,have put in the cd but.. it does not auto start and im a bit lost,also new to mac?

jimbob51, Jan 3, 5:25am
BUMP! bump

malachiman, Jan 3, 5:48am
Whats the CD for??? you should be able to just connect to the modem and enter an IP address to set it up. You should have no problems using the wifi.

jimbob51, Jan 3, 5:52am
Its a set up cdwhich came with it,i did type in the address and it could not find the modem,maybe i have not read the instruction thingy properly? LOL!

malachiman, Jan 3, 5:55am
When setting up routers its best to be connected via a cable than trying over wifi

jimbob51, Jan 3, 5:59am
Cool,thanks for.. helping with this,i will have a bit of dinner and give it another whirl,cheers!

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