having big trouble with my emails :(

soundfix, Jan 3, 5:00am
Having big trouble with my emails :( hi there. I'm a university student and access my email using webmail. Since 31 December 2008, I have not received one email, I can still send but haven't been able to receive. There must be some problem as I have made a few trademe sales in the last couple of days and buyers have emailed me but I havn't got their emails! Why would this be? When it is back up and running will I get those emails that were sent since NYD. Many thanks :)

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 5:01am
What email account? ISP or your university account?

soundfix, Jan 3, 6:06am
Hi ree. university account.

litldevil, Jan 3, 6:08am
Can you check if anyone else receiving emails to their uni acc.. surely they havent turned off the server lol..

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 6:09am
Ring up the uni helpdesk. Sounds a bit odd to me if you're using the web client and you can't receive (presumably you've tried mailing yourself and checked your spam folder?). If they cut off your account because you're no longer a student, surely you'd be unable to log in. So contact the university to find out what's what.

soundfix, Jan 3, 6:59am
Thank you both for your good advice. i have tried emailing myself from a Paradise email address and it didn't arrive. Yeh I've checked the spam folder too several times.

soundfix, Jan 3, 7:00am
Helpdesk is shut till Monday, were not open today or yesterday :(

soundfix, Jan 3, 7:00am
I will phone a friend and see if they can check their account.

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