Flickering MS Lifecam VX-7000

bluedaisy, Jan 3, 6:04am
Flickering MS Lifecam VX-7000 I have just installed a Lifecam VX-7000 on to my 32bit Vista HP (NVIDIA Graphics card) and have Horizontal lines/blocks from the bottom up to about 3/4 the way up the screen. All drivers up to date. Hope thats all you need to please HELP! Thanks

ctnz, Jan 3, 6:33am
Location of Camera Is something interfering with it, some Cameras have an option to change the hrtz rating for the camera try that

bluedaisy, Jan 3, 7:02am
Thank for your reply but already tried that - changed from 50hz to 75hz - no difference. Moved it all around (even sat it on the floor!) so cant be that either. Just googled and seems others have had this problem also so was thinking I might just return it for another. Any suggestions or recommendations. Thanks

ctnz, Jan 3, 7:33am
The Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 Is a very good Cam I do not know how much you paid for your VX-7000 though

bluedaisy, Jan 3, 7:55am
$149 but not worth the hassle. All packaged up ready to go back. Dick Smith has the one you recommended for $199 so Ill grab one tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

ctnz, Jan 3, 7:40pm
First off discuss it with the DSE Staff The 9000 is by all accounts a superior camera, but it is more expensive so you have to do the value for money equation try http://tinyurl.com/8khwu5 or 195893291 if you are not looking at an immediate replacement.

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