mac people, I need your help re kooky emails

daddyb, Jan 3, 7:24am
Mac people, I need your help re kooky emails Hi all, I really need some help with my G5 mac OS 10.3. I think it may be really out of date, as I am having problems with incoming emails. I use the mac mail program for sending and receiving mail but lately some of my emails that I have received are all gobbldy gook! The fonts are unreadable. Do I need to update something? Also using the same computer can I overhaul it to make it more up to date? I am a part time graphic designer and I use CS for my work...

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 7:30am
The mail issuewho are the emails from? Are they possibly spam messages written in foreign character sets? Do you recognise the senders? As for overhauling, a G5 should be able to handle OS 10.5 easily, but it may be worth investing in some RAM, depending on how much you have and how much your computer can take. You should also be able to stick in a bigger hard-drive as well. I'd thoroughly recommend 10.5, especially for Time Machine (the backup/restore application), quick view, etc.

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 7:31am
By the way before upgrading, make sure that the software you have is compatible.

daddyb, Jan 3, 7:39am
The messages aren't spam. They are from recognisable mailers whom I have had no problems receiving mail from in the past. Could it be that they are using fonts that my computer doesn't recognise?

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 7:46am
Mysteriousunfortunately I don't have an account on Mail on this computer, and I'm not on 10.3 anyway. Have a look through the Apple support forums, see if you can find anything there. In the meantime can you use webmail to check the messages?

gibler, Jan 3, 7:50am
Upgrade to tiger or later.10.3 is too old these days.

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