Is there a complaint nark here in computing?

Is there a complaint nark here in computing? My thread about the $100 CRT monitor got deleted, and a nasty email from TM support. I remember the crybaby from the thread. Poor sad life.

geek_papariccardo, Jan 3, 8:39 pm

Crybaby? What are you talking about? If anything I imagine the seller complained about you.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 8:40 pm

Voted hahaha @ .

geek_comsolve, Jan 3, 8:43 pm

Oh - didn't think about that. Could be. Wasn't an insult on the seller anyway, I would have thought it was the poster who cracked a lame joke in the thread. Cheers.

geek_papariccardo, Jan 3, 8:43 pm

Voted? hahaha

geek_papariccardo, Jan 3, 8:44 pm

Voted,.. hahaha @ and now you start your own crybaby thread?,

geek_kevin16, Jan 3, 9:14 pm

Wasnt me? my profile picture got "removed" for some reason too, not to sure whats so bad about a cat wearing a hat?!

geek_kane199, Jan 3, 9:15 pm

...was the cat honest...

geek_olack, Jan 3, 9:30 pm

&0; &0; doesnt look naked

geek_kane199, Jan 3, 9:39 pm

Naked animals are banned! A work of art by a top artist in USA
was banned because it featured dogs
au natural focused on canine genitals

geek_deodar, Jan 3, 9:42 pm

Might have been someone from pets humiliating a poor kitten like that! shame on you!

geek_little_egypt, Jan 3, 9:50 pm

*voted* Just joking. But you do have to watch all those people from pet's and animals...never mention the words "neighbor's"..."cat"...
"bullet" in there! I dare you!

geek_pixma, Jan 3, 9:59 pm