Arrrrrrrrh, help Ive just lost folders and folders

crunchie3, Jan 3, 7:25am
Arrrrrrrrh, help Ive just lost folders and folders of photos, I have no idea how but my computer went a bit strange and then "Poof" they were gone, whats that thing called when you can set your computer back a day and where abouts do I find it please, Im hoping that will work, Many thanks in advance.....

evoeater, Jan 3, 7:27am
Your thinking of system restore but that doesn't recover documents. It only alters program/system changes. So ummm have you checked the recycle bin?

crunchie3, Jan 3, 7:31am
Yes I have and they are not there, its like the folders are still there but are just empty, a whole years worth, right in the middle. Im so glad I just saved 5 years of photos on a USB card the other week, Id be crying all over the keyboard otherwise. I would like them back though.......

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 7:32am
Have you tried restarting? XP sometimes does that thing where it can't log you in to your profile, so it looks like everything's "gone". Restart your computer and log in again.

crunchie3, Jan 3, 7:32am
But thanks for letting me know about the system restore, so I wont bother doing that then. Where the heck would they be?

crunchie3, Jan 3, 7:34am
Yes I did restart it when it froze on me and then it had a black screen with tiny white writing on it saying some thing like "there are no pictures in your folders blah blah" Have never seen that before...

dunedin_ree, Jan 3, 7:35am
Restart again to see if you can either get the error again (in which case, write down EXACTLY what it says, not blah blah), or, see if it starts correctly.

crunchie3, Jan 3, 7:36am
Oki Doki...see you soon, thanks

crunchie3, Jan 3, 7:58am
Hello again, well I did a restart and it started normally this time with no strange messages, and still the photos are missing, I think I remember what it said, something like "you have no pictures in C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\"

evoeater, Jan 3, 8:01am
That's not really an error per say Have you tried searching for a filename? i.e. in case it had been accidentally moved or something? Sorry data recovery is not my area so I'm taking basic guesses here

lostdude, Jan 3, 8:14am
What were the images saved format? jpg? If so, do a search. Hold Windows Key + F then in search prompt, type *.jpg in "All or part of the filename" & make sure 'Local Disk C:' is selected from the dropdown arrow under "Look in". Right click a familiar file found and click "Open Containing Folder"

crunchie3, Jan 3, 8:22am
Ok will try that thankscould take a while as I just have to do something else first.

crunchie3, Jan 3, 9:01am
Hi Lostdue I have done what you said and they werent in there either C & D drive, what do I look at now?

deodar, Jan 3, 9:03am
These error messages that go BlahBlahBlah Are not very useful.It must be that
Microspeak,because very common msgs.

lostdude, Jan 3, 9:10am
What format were they? try searching for other formats if you're not sure e.g. *.png, *.bmp, *.tiff etc. Double check the format your camera stores them in if you didn't convert when importing to your PC. If it still fails, then you probably have deleted them. They may still be recoverable but if you keep copying things into your C: before attempting a file recovery, then they can well be overwritten.

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:17am
"my computer went a bit strange and then "Poof" they were gone" that means nothing. "I just saved 5 years of photos on a USB card" try to save files to a disc, usb drives are for movin, not storing. "Yes I did restart it when it froze on me and then it had a black screen with tiny white writing on it" that's called 'safe mode' whatever happend was SO BAD your computer booted into safe mode so you could fix it.

crunchie3, Jan 3, 9:17am
Hi, yes they were all *.jpg Nevermind, It looks like they are gone for good, I have saved them luckily thanks for your help though//

crunchie3, Jan 3, 9:21am
Oxford. Shite! Really! How do I know if Im in Safe mode? I wonder what was so bad!, my mother was just in my computer before this all happened, she was just on the Vodafone site topping up her phone, I sat down about 1 hour later and it was sort of frozen!,

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:26am
the 'white writing' that says "safe mode" is a dead give-away, so the preceding prompts. you could *try* [ ] no guarantees though.

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:27am
Typo so ~are~ the preceding prompts.

d_family, Jan 3, 9:35am
You could try recuva ...

crunchie3, Jan 3, 9:40am
Thanks, Im just downloading the recuva program now. its taking sooooooo long though I'm only on dial-up LOL, so might finish it tomorrow. Thanks for your help

0800xford, Jan 3, 9:52am
parrot posting is annoying. crunchie3 - add to this thread if you need further help =]

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